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An eclectic collection of mirrors of other web content, stored here to preserve the content for the foreseeable future. This is done strictly as a prescriptive measure, to ensure that this valuable and cherished web content does not disappear into the night.

All data fully or partially mirrored at this location have been explicitly permitted by the originating site. Outside of the permission to mirror the content, no affiliation with the other site is implied or intended.

Halcyon Days
Interviews with classic computer and video game programmers. The originating site of this information is http://www.dadgum.com/halcyon/.
Activision Zork Data Files
Copies of the Z-Machine data files for the original Infocom Zork games. These files were released by Activision to promote their newer graphical Zork games. The originating site of this information is http://www.batmantis.com/zorks/.
Sangoma FreeBSD Archive
Sangoma sells a bunch of different hardware cards for hooking up various PSTN interfaces (PRI/BRI/POTS). Up until Dec 31, 2009, some of these cards were supported on FreeBSD. This archive exists to provide a reference copy of those drivers. The originating site of this information is ftp://ftp.sangoma.com/FreeBSD/.
Mark Williams Company
The Mark Williams company produced a multi-user operating system that functioned much like Unix, called Coherent. The source code to Coherent was released in early 2015, under a 3-clause BSD license. The originating site of this information is http://www.nesssoftware.com/home/mwc/. Unfortunately, the source web site is done in PHP, and the URLs encoded in the web pages make direct reference to the PHP files. The most interesting pieces of information are probably the compressed tar files of the sources:
DTack Grounded Archive
DTACK Grounded was an early 1980s newletter about building no compromise, fast as possible, M68K based systems. reference copy of those drivers. The originating site of this information is http://www.easy68k.com/paulrsm/dg/.
One Man Unix
A homebrew computer system, built around a 6809 processor, and a desire to have a Unix-like operating system resulted in OMU - the One Man Unix software. The originating site of this information is http://discordia.org.uk/~steve/omu.html.
One Man Unix software files
The software distribution files for OMU are mirrored here. The originating site of these files is http://ftp.stoneship.org.uk/pub/steve/.

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