About Steve.


[photo of Steve] Born: 13th Dec 1958, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.
School: Ysgol Gynradd, Crymych, Dyfed, Wales.
" Ysgol y Preseli, Crymych, Dyfed, Wales.
University: University of Wales, Swansea, BSc 1981, PhD 1993.

Steve works for ROK Corporation Ltd at Llandow in the Vale of Glamorgan east of Bridgend.

Steve is married to Jane , they currently have one son (Ieuan), three cats and a dog and live in the fashionable western end of Swansea. Ieuan has a blog on which he talks about his athletics exploits.

If you need to send Steve encrypted information, or need to verify a signature on a message he's sent you, press here for Steve's PGP key. ( Yes, it is supposed to look like gibberish - but it makes sense to the "Pretty Good Privacy" encryption program. Just capture it into a file and tell PGP to add it to your public keyring. )

Interests .

Steve has considerable interest in the technology of cinema, television and radio.

Steve was a founder member of Swansea University Aikido Club , and currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan, British Aikido Federation . He is one of the instructors at Gower Aikido Club .

Steve has an interest in Alexander Technique , and spent quite a while (off and on) having lessons in it.

Steve also has a general interest in practical photography.

Did you ever live in Lewis Jones Hall Annexes, Swansea University? If so, you may be interested to know that they've gone.

Do you have a Ford Mondeo with dead air-conditioning? If so, you might be interested in this photo-essay .

Here's a mystery for you all. Any ideas? The signal generated by this thing turned out to be just below broadcast longwave and I had to build a radio with which to investigate it.

Great Achievements :-).

Prompted by the aura of misinformation surrounding the European EDTV system "PALplus", Steve has written a PALplus FAQ . Following the roaring success of this FAQ, he then got conned into writing a NICAM Sound FAQ describing the digital TV sound system now common in many countries using the PAL/PALplus or SECAM television systems.

A passing interest in satellite TV prompted the writing of a Geosynchronous Satellite Finder which requests (interactively) the satellite's Longitude and the viewer's Lat and Long. It then tells you where to look for it.

An interest in celestial mechanics and tides has prompted the writing of a tide predictor program for Swansea Bay (South Wales).

With all the interest caused by America's various missions to the planet Mars, Steve hacked the GNU Xearth program to produce an "Xmars" tool. Press here for more info, or to download a copy.

A slight interest in cryptography prompted Steve to become one of the two guys who broke Gemstar's UK Videoplus coding system for codes of 6 digits or fewer. Click here for details and downloadable code.

Steve was the sole author of a single tasking UNIX clone for the 6809 microprocessor which ran in about 24K and later became the core of a rather more useful 68000-based version written by Steve and Terry Barnaby (mostly the latter).

Steve wrote a very simple viewer for the .411 image thumbnail files generated by the Sony Mavica range of digital camera.

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