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The Interviews

The interviewees are listed alphabetically, but there's no reason to read them in that order. If the list is overwhelming, here are some suggestions about where to start.

Ed Averett - almost all Odyssey 2 games
Danielle Berry - Cytron Masters, M.U.L.E, Seven Cities of Gold
Stephen C. Biggs - Slamball
Adam Billyard - ElektraGlide, Henri
Bill Budge - Pinball Construction Set, Raster Blaster, Space Album
Chris Crawford - Eastern Front (1941), SCRAM, Balance of Power
Steve DeFrisco - Tropical Trouble, Secret Quest, Atari 2600 Klax
David Fox - Rescue on Fractalus!
Jon Freeman & Anne Westfall - Archon, Archon II, Murder on the Zinderneuf
Marc Goodman - The Bilestoad
Dan Gorlin - Choplifter, Airheart
Tom Griner - many Vic 20 games, including Astroblitz
Steve Hales - Suicide Mission, Slime, Fort Apocalypse, Dimension X
John Harris - Jawbreaker, Mousekattack, Atari 800 Frogger
Eugene Jarvis - Defender, Robotron: 2084
David Lubar - Fantastic Voyage, Flash Gordon, Pastfinder
Scott Ludwig - Quarxon, Catterpiggle
Archer MacLean - Dropzone, International Karate
Jeff Minter - Gridrunner, Revenge of the Mutant Camels
Brian Moriarty - Wishbringer, Trinity
Doug Neubauer - Star Raiders, Solaris
Philip Price and Gary Gilbertson - The Tail of Beta Lyrae, Alternate Reality
Warren Robinett - Adventure
Ed Rotberg - Battlezone, Blasteroids, S.T.U.N. Runner
Warren Schwader - Thrilogy, Threshold, Sammy Lightfoot
Paul Shirley - Spindizzy
Tim Skelly - Rip-Off, Armor Attack, designer of Star Castle

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