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Why Coffee?

I used to joke that I didn't really work at UUNET, I was just there to drink the coffee.

I think that I've used that joke at about every place I've ever worked. I have got to get a new joke.

Back when I worked at the University of Maryland, at the College of Engineering, my roommate (and co-worker) in the dorm would go on all-night hack-a-thons. We'd cruise over to the 7-11, stock up on chips, salsa, cheetos, and other junk food, and then we would head over to Dunkin Donuts. We would buy a dozen donuts to split, get refills for our two large Dunkin thermos, and then we would head off to work. We worked in a place we lovingly referred to as the Hacker's Pitt. The Pitt was down on the first floor of the Engineering building, sandwiched between the office building and the lab building. The lab building was interesting, as it was where the engineering graduate students would build stuff, and then destroy it. Many of lines of code were written and compiled whilst our brains were in a near-pickled state due to the extreme caffeine flow from our coffee.

Reading the above makes you want to rush right out and load up on donuts and coffee, doesn't it? Sitting back with a couple of donuts, a thermos of coffee, and a bunch of UNIX kernel source code, trying to figure out how it all fits together is one of those unique things that one just has to experience for oneself.

The Truth about Espresso

I was sent a reference to an article on the (over)roasting of coffee beans a number of years ago. As often happens, web content becomes unavailable, and people running websites just don't maintain a forest of redirection links to allow for the same name to be used to reference an article indefinately. So, I've made a copy of the article on my webserver. I had to make some minor changes to the HTML markup to make it display properly. This article espouses several sentiments about espresso that I find to be largely accurate. In particular, the over-roasting of beans in America is very widespread, at least in my opinion. Starbucks used to be among the worst offenders, as far as I am concerned. I think it was in 1999 when they started roasting their beans more to my liking, which makes for a less bitter brew, and one I find much more flavorful.

Coffee Care Package

I got a amusing story about coffee from one of the mailing lists to which I subscribe. I've turned it into passible HTML for your reading pleasure.

Theres no such thing as too much coffee.

I found a wonderful story about coffee late one night, while reading the newsgroup alt.food.coffee. I was later mailed a copy of that same story, which is what I have turned into HTML. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Until there's a cure...

I found a great posting in the rec.food.drink.coffee newsgroup. I have turned that posting into HTML. I hope you enjoy it and find it as funny as I did.

Pulp Fiction

I saw the movie Pulp Fiction several months after it was release and realized, as I was watching it, that there is a terrific sound bite lurking in that movie about coffee. Listening to the sound sample won't ruin the movie for you, but it might just help you remember it a little better if you have already seen the movie.

A Poem by an Unknown Author.

You can read it here.

A Poem About Caffine.

It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed.
The hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning.
It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

Joy of Coffee

I was forwarded a poem about coffee. I have turned it into HTML.


I was sent an original poem about coffee from darrin maule. I have turned it into HTML for your browsing pleasure.

A new coffee poem 4U

I was sent an original poem about coffee from Stuart Hiley. I have turned it into HTML for your browsing pleasure.

WorldCom/UUNET Software R&D Coffee Culture

I was sent an email message that attempted to document the coffee culture in the software development group that I used to manage. I have editted that message into a reference document about the coffee we used to prepare. The secret to great coffee is in this document, so share it wisely, only with those that can be trusted with this information!
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