Sausage Specialty Drinks

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What is a Sausage Specialty Drink?

Several years ago, while going to an airshow at Andrews Air Force Base, a pecularity of the some of the vendors' signs advertising their wares was noticed. Some of the signs were for rather mundane items, such as Hot Dogs or Bar-B-Q. The interesting thing to note that all the signs lined up, parallel to the main airstrip, so that the words from one sign sort of ran into the words for the next sign, if you were looking at the signs from the correct angle. Two of the signs were Sausage and Specialty Drinks -- which, when read together bring an entirely unwholesome image to mind.

Naturally, as masters of free association, we have explored the concept of what a Sausage Specialty Drink would consist of, as well as other related items. Related items in the sense that they provide an unwholesome mental image of substances that should not be combined together. The exploration of these associations has occured in fits and starts, but a recent evening of casual entertainment brought up the subject again and resulted in several new combinations, as well as this web page.

Some of the funnier combinations of items are listed below for your browsing pleasure.

Meat Drink Related Haiku


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