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Personal web pages of people that I know:

Hmmm. I appear to know a lot of people named ``Jeff''.

Other web pages linked here as crawler fodder:

News and Information Sources:

BBC News
A less US centric view of the world's news.
The Cable News Network on the web.
Digital Photography Review
In depth coverage and high quality reviews about the latest and greatest in the wide world of digital photography. Go for the reviews, stay for the commentary.
All the news about the latest half-baked software releases. At least it was, until they discontinued updating the news feed in 2014.
SlashDot -- News for Nerds.
Geek tabloid web site. You know you shouldn't read it, but it is just so entertaining. Occasionally, something profound crops up in between the off-base and uninformed postings and commentary.
Counterpane's Crypto-Gram Newsletter
An excellent, well-written, free monthly newsletter/column that examines computer security in a well reasoned manner. Both entertaining and enlightening to read.
Fair and Balanced
Whatever you want to think about Al Franken, he's got to a right to use the phrase Fair And Balanced. At least as much right as the so-called news organization that has filed suite against him. (August, 2003)

Hardware and Technology web pages:

An Operating System that doesn't suck (much). Sadly, on September 9, 2003, Wind River announced the retirement of this product. So, another BSD derived operating system bites the dust. Sic transit gloria mundi.

LTO -- High Capacity Tape Systems.
I would like to include a link to the technical specifications page for LTO tapes, but every time I have done that in the past, the losers who run the LTO web site change around the directory structure. And they don't bother to put in redirection links. So, because their web content peopel behave like idiots, you effectively are penalized and have to figure out how to find the meat of this topic at that web site.

OMU -- One Man Unix
A pioneering effort by Steve Hosgood to bring a unix-like operating system to smaller systems. Totally cool effort. Not to mention the extra hack effort of having designed, built and debugged the hardware from scratch first! Source code is available for those contemplating porting an OS to a small hardware platform.

PS/2 Mouse Interface
Extremely detailed and technical information about the PS/2 mouse interface. If you have to write or maintain software that communicates with PS/2 devices, you could do a lot worse than spending some time reading through this documentation.

Raided Floppy Drives
If you have scads of floppy disks hanging around, too many USB floppy drives (or cheap/free access to them) and a few unused USB ports on a hub, this site is just for you.

Other Stuff: Interesting & Fun

SIGSALY and The Start of the Digital Revolution
The first quantized, encrypted voice traffic in the world. Brought into existance during the middle of World War II, by the precursor to the NSA. I found out about this little corner of history when I toured the NSA Museum in 2001. The free phamphlet they distribute there is more or less mirrored in The Start of the Digital Revolution link to their web content. Read and learn.

A useful utility for finding out what your phone number spells, good for helping to select a new phone number too.

The Chaos
A delightful poem that uses many english words that have irregular pronunciation. A local copy of the poem is also available, just in case the originating web site moves the document.

M & M Breeding
Ever wonder how they keep improving the M & M breeding stock to make stronger, superior M & Ms? Wonder no more, it is through the unselfish acts of people like these, that the M & M packages of the world contain the very, very best morsels that can be created.

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